Creating brand images for Visionaery Productions.

and what I learned working with Brady Gilliam.


Quick Context

Meet Brady Gilliam. I recently had a chance to work with him on his new brand images. He is the founder of Visionaery Productions in Grand Rapids, MI. His company specializes in cinematic storytelling and offers a wide range of video production services to suit all budgets. As someone who has worked alongside Brady as a second camera operator and gaffer, I can attest to his expertise and experience in the field. Whether you have a small or big-budget project, Brady and his team have the skills and knowledge to bring your vision to life through high-quality video production. 

The Project

For Brady’s brand images, I wanted to create a cinematic story using light and color. Visionaery Productions’ logo features red and purple, so I decided to use a behind-the-scenes studio style. Since I had worked with Brady before, I knew this was a great opportunity to showcase him in his element. I wanted to capture how he shows up on set, with a combination of focus, passion, calmness, and a wealth of knowledge about the gear required to bring an idea to life. In Brady’s world, the equipment is an essential part of storytelling, and he knows how to use it to create a compelling narrative. Bringing these elements together, I created the seven-image series below.

“Brand images can be a great way to set expectations for your client’s experience with you.”

About Brady and Visionaery

Services Offered: Commercial Video Content, Corporate Video Content, and Drone Video Services.

Ideal Client: Companies or individuals who need high-quality video production that is story driven and detail-oriented.

What you need to know
Brady is one of those talented individuals working under the radar, and now would be a great time to work with him. It won’t be long before his clients are on a waitlist because of demand and paying a premium to have him be part of their video projects. Set up a meeting, I promise it will be worth it. Links to connect below.

Shout out and learnings?

I learned this lesson not during my brand shoot with Visionaery, but while working on multiple projects with his team. Brady has unwavering commitment to a vision. This may sound cliché, but it’s the difference between creating a simple video and crafting a compelling story that resonates with an audience.

Visionaery never compromises on quality or delivers subpar work to their clients just because things get tough or inconvenient on set. They persevere, adapt, troubleshoot, or even starts from scratch if necessary until they achieve the desired outcome. While this may seem tedious or time-consuming, it’s well worth it when you see the final product.

I tend to apply this concept intuitively in my photography work. However, I noticed a difference in my video production work most likely due to its intensity and longer hours. Experience builds stamina, patience, and the leadership to command a set over a long period of time. It is the sign of a artisan or workman and it spoke to my inexperience and illuminated an area for me to improve upon. It’s inspiring to find personal growth through watching others work.

Side notes with a touch of piano and a hint of taco

I make an appearance in Visionaery Pro’s showreel playing piano here

Love tacos!? Check out this great video that Visionaery did about FnK Taco’s in Rockford. 
(I worked on this project as a gaffer, B-cam operator, and taste tester. 100% Approved)
Next time you want taco’s go and give them a visit, you’ll be happy you did.

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